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What Our Little Fans Have To Say

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Check out what our little fans are saying, and if you love Roll On Reading check out some of our gear sold at


“Manny just found out the fate of spaghetti squash!”

 - Annalee



“My daddy says Roll On is librarian approved!”


Mrs. Fareria.jpg

“Dear Mrs. Tate,

We are writing to thank you for coming to our class and reading your book. Roll On is an exciting story. We liked the funny things that happened to the spaghetti squash. We also like the names of the characters. We think you are talented."

- Mrs. Fareria’s 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Jauregui-Medina.jpg

“Mrs. Tate,

Thank you for coming to our school and reading us your book and sharing your PowerPoint! We enjoyed your book. It was incredible!”

- Mrs. Jáuregui-Medina’s 1st Grade Class

Teri Photo 1.jpg

Scooter Boy is a delightful picture book. The main character Cal relates his first-person account of being the last kindergartener to be picked up from school on a hot August afternoon. He is hot, tired and cranky and he lets the reader know his thoughts. He thinks he’s too old to have a nanny, but that is who arrives to pick him up, and he’s not happy. When the nanny puts the scooter on the ground, he jumps on it and his escapade begins. He is Scooter Boy. The thoughts that go through Cal’s head as he tells the story, are funny and relatable to nearly every child. This very enjoyable and funny book is ideal for reading aloud and for emerging readers.

- Teri Henning, CEO
Castle Quest Educational Studio

First Grade Teachers.jpg

"We loved this book for our students, and were so happy to have Connie come and share it with them. Make sure you pick up a copy to share with your child today!"

- Liz, Trish, Griselda, & Kim


"BokGo's favorite page is when Doogie barks at the spaghetti squash!"

- Claudia



"I got so excited about Roll On I had to paint my own spaghetti squash."

- Lee Ann


“I highly recommend Roll On and Scooter Boy for the beginning reader and adult read along. Roll On and Scooter Boy are engaging stories that will invite your child to read again and again!”

-Dr. Frank Smith

Literacy Consultant

Kristin Dohm.jpg

Roll On is an absolutely “edible” tale that young readers will devour. This delightful story with repetitive text and spectacular surprises, will not only have children reading it again and again, but may even inspire a trip to the local farmers market to see what kids can get to roll on!!!

-Kristin Dohm, MA

Educational Consultant


Roll On is Kaisai’s FAVORITE book…must read 10 times EVERY night before she’ll go to sleep! And then zzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

-Kaisai’s Mom


“Thank you for my book. I like the part about Steph Curry!”



From Ms. Trish's Class
My favorite part of Roll On is...


Please enjoy the inventive spelling of our young 1st graders.

...when the spaghetti squash rolld.  That was funny.

...when spaghett squash rood and sbllash.

...when Cal rode his skateborade.                                            

...when the spaghetti squash rolled on.                                    

...when Wren droped the spaghetti squash.                            

...when John was walking the dog.                                           

...when the spaghetti squash rold and I have 2 ports when Kaw was sketing.                  

...when she got a other spagleti squash.                                  

...when the spag squash rolld on.                                             

...when daddy bot squash for Wren.                                         

...when the spaghetti squash wat splat and plat on everea one.           

...when Kaitlin stoped the car because she did woti to hit the spaghetti squash. 

...when the spaghetti squash was rolling on.               

...when Cal yelld stop.                                                               

...when the spaghetti pop.                                                                    

...when the spaghetti squash rud.                                            

...when the spaghetti squash roll.                                             

...when Wren had sot (short) hans.                                          





















“This children's book reminds my family of the stories we had has children growing squash in California with the dog barking at it while it grew larger and larger. Thanks for the good story.”

-John Kermit Miles Jr


“Roll On is a delightful story that uses repetitive language patterns, tantalizing onomatopoeias, and a suspenseful plot making it engaging and fun for the little ones. Beautifully illustrated. This story is guaranteed to entertain early readers. Highly recommend.”

-Cathe McCoy


“This delightful book brings smiles and giggles to my grandchildren every time we read it! It's an engaging story that children want to hear again and again. I highly recommend ‘Roll On’!”

-Sandra Young


“[Roll on was a] delightful story and darling illustrations. Hope Ms. Tate keeps on producing books for the entertainment of children and adults alike!”



Scooter Boy makes you feel the adventure of a young Southern California boy along with his dog Bo in a chase with his Anya Wanna Be Nanny after him. You can feel the action of shooting the hoops and seeing Scooter Boy with his L.A. Dodger cap on reverse atop his head. And it is lucky that Scooter Boy knows how to jump with his scooter. My brothers and I had a great laugh with our nephews. We are looking forward to the Tate's granddaughters in a story.

-John Kermit Miles Jr


Scooter Boy is a magical, rollicking, and hilarious story of a Southern California young boy who stands waiting alone at the end of the school day… and its Friday! His bros are probably already practicing their hoops, and Cal is stuck at school. When his nanny, or “wanna-be-nanny” appears the fun begins. Cal takes matters into his own five-year-old hands, and as a result, learns a valuable lesson of judging a person (or misjudging a person) based upon their appearance. The illustrations, along with the ultra-cool Cal, will delight your child’s senses, make them roar with laughter, and secretly wish Cal lived next door. Please, Connie Tate, we need more Cal adventures.

-Cathe McCoy


A hot day when nothing seems to go your way? Every child can relate to that! Connie Tate creates an amazing adventure for five-year-old Cal on just such a day. Don’t miss this delightful book! The characters will bring smiles to kids and adults alike.

-Sandra Young


A heart warming tale for cat lovers of all ages.

-Jo Cunningham


Sylvester’s CAT-astropic Tale will delight young readers and adults alike! The tale of this resourceful cat, whose adventures lead to a challenging predicament, will keep you guessing. Why doesn’t this friendly cat return home to the Purina Warehouse? What caused Sylvester’s sudden disappearance? The ending of this CAT-astrophic tale will bring exciting surprises and warm your heart!

-Sandra Young


Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale, authored by Connie Tate provides a nostalgic retelling of the true story of a gritty cat who survived being locked up without water and traveling 2,470 miles. Sylvester employs feline super powers. a keen sense of smell and the ability to see in complete darkness, to survive the captivity. Meanwhile, Sylvester’s friends wonder and worry where their cat has gone. In the spirit of unforgettable, TRUE pet stories, there is a rejoiceful ending---not without surprises! Sylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale brilliantly transforms a local news story into a heart-warming and engaging children’s book. Dr. Tate’s careful recount of this amazing story will capture your heart. Don’t miss this one!

-Cathe McCoy