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Scooter Boy

Cover-Page Scooter Boy.png

Scooter BOy

Connie Tate and Sam Bridge have teamed up again for another exciting adventure through childhood. This time in "Scooter Boy". "Scooter Boy" is Cal, who is last in the pick up line after school. Not cool, but devastating if you are five, it's Friday and you're supposed to be skating with your BFFs. It is beyond devastating - it is earth-shattering. And...just when Cal thinks it can't get worse, our five-year-old hero comes up against Anya - the wanna-be nanny in her high heels, big bun and gigantic pink purse, PINK... ...icing on the cake...Anya has Cal's dog...yes his most faithful tow. Mortified, Cal makes a decision and the adventure begins. Hold on to your seats...Scooter Boy is a fun, wild ride up and down the streets of Venice, California, through the eyes of a five-year-old.

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