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The Author

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Meet Connie - The Author


Welcome to my website! I am Connie, although also known as Dr. Tate, Ms. Tate, Mrs. Tate, Constance, Mom, sometimes Moooother, (usually when my response is not what my daughters were hoping for) Omie, (best-ever variation of grandma) and several decades ago, (between the ages of two and five), Janie. 

Just as in the beautifully illustrated children’s book, Miss Rumphius, our names change over the course of our lives. And if we are fortunate our pursuits change as well.  I believe Joseph Campbell expressed this sentiment as, “follow your bliss”. Although, my grandson, Tate at the age of three heard it as, “follow your blister”, which is, in my opinion absolutely brilliant! 

Rattling around in my head are stories of pets, mischief, and the everyday experiences of young children who brighten the days of adults and hold the promise of a kinder world tomorrow.  So, my current bliss is rummaging through my memory files, taking pen in hand and writing the stories that emerged from marriage, raising children, teaching school, (especially those years spent with first graders at Crowell Elementary in Room 27) and the current antics of grandchildren; in other-words remembering the extraordinary ordinary days of our lives.

I hope you enjoy my first book, Roll On, based upon the adventures of a rather large spaghetti squash that even a precocious two-year-old named Wren could not hold on to! I also hope you enjoy my second book Scooter Boy, about Cal and his scooter!


Connie lives by her favorite quote:

"Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life."

 - Brian Andreas -